Thursday, November 24, 2011

Free Children Ebook

Hi, everyone I'm giving away my children's ebook Amanda Younger: Girl Detective for free on Smashwords until December 24.
Amanda Younger is about a spy finally getting her man. She is a genius spy who tracks down her old professor only to find him arm to the teeth. She escapes from his fortress barely, but before she goes she is doused with a youth potion. She wakes up in a hospital bed with memories of her adult life, but trapped in a child's body. Now she must decide if she was a spy. Being considered a kid she is forced to live in a foster home where she meets a true family with a dark secret. Learning the secret opens her to who she really is allowing her to prepare for her nemesis. Who comes and takes her away in the guise of her uncle.

The book is in many different versions from Kindle to Nook, to just pdf. If anyone wants to buy a paperback they can visit Please review the book on Amazon if you liked it. I appreciate all who read this post to pass it to their friends. Sincerely, Yancey Lane The code you need to enter as a coupon on Smash words is LD54E.

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