Friday, October 28, 2011

Excerpts from Amanda Younger: Girl Detective

“Hello there, young lady, it’s good to see you waking up,” said a voice. “I’m Nurse Judy. I understand you’ve had quite an adventure to tell your parents about. How do you feel?”
The girl in the hospital bed, tried to fight off the sleepy feeling she was experiencing and see what was going on. “Young lady, an adventure to tell my parents about?” she thought to herself. “She sounds like she’s talking to a child, not somebody twenty-six years old. Oh I hurt so.” She moved her arm and was astonished to see that it was much smaller than she had expected it to be. “What the heck?” she exclaimed, forcing herself into a sitting position and sliding off the bed.
“Amanda, wait, what do you think your doing?” exclaimed Nurse Judy.
“Bathroom,” muttered the girl and hurried across the room. Shutting the bathroom door and turning on the light she stared at herself in the mirror. Instead of the reflection of her twenty-six year old self which she expected to see, she saw herself as a child, probably about eleven years old. She felt her head starting to reel, and grabbed onto the sink to support herself. “I’ve got to hold on, got to hold on,” she told herself. “I’ve got to figure out what’s happening.” She reached out and touched the mirror. “I’m a kid, but I know that’s not right. Amanda, that nurse called me. I know that’s sort of right, that’s the name I’m supposed to be using on this mission. I know I work for the agency, I’m one of their top agents, but I’m not a kid, I’m twenty-six years old. My head, I’ve been hurt, I can’t remember stuff. I know I was supposed to locate the Professor. I got the assignment because he was one of my tutors and then one of my professors in college and we got along pretty well. Besides, the chief figured I’d have a better chance of recognizing him, even if he disguised himself. But I’ve been hurt, my head is all fuzzy, I can’t remember who I am, just my cover name, Amanda and I don’t remember the last name I’m supposed to be using. And is it real? I mean, folks don’t go from being twenty-six years old to being a little kid. Not really. Is my being an adult just a dream? I don’t remember what’s happened.”

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